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Finest Quality Seafood

Fresh Fish

At The Original Fish Company, we celebrate the sea and all the fresh and flavorful things it has to offer. We do this by serving only the finest-quality seafood flown in daily from around the world.

How do we find the finest-quality seafood?

We pay premium prices to buy the "last-caught" fish from highly professional short-trip boats.

Our buyers inspect the fish and select only "the top of the catch." Still, buying the best is only the beginning.

After purchase, the fish is immediately packed in extremely cold flake ice. (12 degrees below zero) and flown to LAX from around the world. Our refrigerated trucks bring the catch directly here. As a large-volume wholesale buyer, we skip the middleman, saving valuable time and ensuring freshness.

Once at the Original Fish Company, the whole fish is preserved in fresh-caught condition, using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. Keeping fish whole until ready to fillet and cook improves its quality. Twice a day, at lunch and dinner, our specially trained chefs, wearing surgical gloves, enter a temperature-controlled room where they expertly hand-cut fillets from whole fish.

Finally, the fish is cooked simply and naturally on a mesquite broiler within full view of restaurant guests.

Oysters are a special case, and they're worth mentioning. First they are harvested from fast-flowing cold waters in government-regulated oyster beds. Next, they're inspected under the supervision of a certified microbiologist. Each shipment is sealed, tagged and shipped to us with a guarantee of authenticity and freshness.

The Original Fish Company has been owned and operated by the Rothman family since opening day, February 1, 1981. Daughter Vanessa Rothman Travis has overseen the restaurant for over a decade. Many dedicated, loyal staff members have been here more than 15 years. Some have been here since the beginning. The Original Fish Company is our only restaurant. We are not a chain by choice. We want to be here personally to ensure our fish is the freshest and our service the best.

Please Enjoy.

Vanessa Rothman-Travis
Wendi Rothman

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